Hello Hungry Weekenders!


It’s Saturday.

It’s the weekend.  Most of us are in the midst of tiring out our bodies and our wallets.  In our “break” periods we fill ourselves with food that will help us last majority of the night.

Most of the foods that help us last as long as we do are terrible for us.

In search of finding healthier ways to stuff carbs into my stomach, I found this:


too good to be true?   Kind of.

If you want that fluffy pancake, this isn’t it.  (If you want an omlette, go for it.)

For those of us that still want to eat a pancake, you can still enjoy them.

Grocery stores have heart healthy or healthier pancake mix ready for purchase.

Complete mixes, where you just add water, is the better choice.

It’s simple to make and is affordable.  You don’t need a ton of pancakes to fill you up for the day.

Lite syrup, whip cream, fruit, or a few chocolate chips can be added to your liking.

A few pancakes are just the carbs you need.  They fill you up without eating like crazy.

Also note, eating a decent breakfast will prevent you from eating a lot throughout the day.  It will help you feel good early in your day, and keep you from continuously munching foods that don’t fill you up.




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