Newspapers Making Their Own News? Do We?


Nicholas Von Hoffman’s Public OpinionPolls: Newspapers Making Their Own News? is an article we all should become familiar with.    It’s only 2 pages and is a very easy read, but it shares information we all should be aware of.

The purpose of public relations is to gain publicity.  This can be accomplished through pseudoevents

Television allows non-events to sell as news.

Throughout history, journalists have moved past writing about survey findings.  Newspapers started printing Gallup Polls in their newspapers.  Perhaps this is done so they can buy the right to cover their events.

This movement resulted in developing their own polls to make into headlines for their newspapers.

Which means—> Newspapers are creating their own news and publicizing them as a newsworthy story!

Newspapers are making the news instead of reporting it!

Readers, including politicians, believe these polls.  This causes the reader to respond to news that isn’t even true.

We as readers need to research and learn the truth before believing the first “news” story we read.  This will only benefit us in the long run.

If journalists are printing accurate research, someone needs to.

Can citizen blogs be used to create a false news event?

Do our ethics come into play when we are writing?

When is all credibility lost?

As bloggers, we have the power to write anything we want to share with the world.          Does that mean we should?

As writers, any information we send out can be linked with our name.  That in itself should encourage us to write things we can stand behind.

If we write false stories and newspapers make up their own, where do we learn about what’s actually going on in the world?

If the news is making their own stories and we are following them, what could the consequences be?

Take Health.

One minute the meat diet is good for people to follow.  One day chocolate is good for us, the next we are advised to cut it out of our diet.  It took years for the news to actually report obesity and fast food health in our society.

Diets fluctuate with the trends of the news.

If we as bloggers made the important of being health conscious aware to others and blogged the truth, we could create a more health conscious world.

More healthy recipes and alternatives to the foods we love could create.

It’s our job to research the news and write the truth to make others aware of what’s really going on in society.

If we don’t learn about this phenomenon and do something about it, journalism as a whole could be shot.




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