Bloggers.. What’s Your Impact On Public Opinion?


Greetings fellow bloggers!

In class, I have recently learned about public opinion.

Journalism continues to change from the research
reporting it was once known for.

With newspapers
making their own stories
, can we do the same?

Today social media plays a huge role in our world. It
holds more power than most of us are aware of.

Can we use social media to persuade others into our

Can we sway public opinion?

If more people blogged and followed healthy sites,
people would become more health conscious.

The demand for being healthy would create more food
choices. More people would focus on making healthy food people actually enjoy.
More recipes and cooking shows would value this opinion.

With the advances in technology, who holds the power?

Do we have the same access to power “the
experts” do? And if so, does that gives us credibility?

How do we decided who’s credible and who’s not, and
when do journalists return back to reporting actual news v. made up stories?

Who should control the news?

Our thoughts and ideas should have an influence on the
media because we are the public.

We should hold some of the power, but are we credible

Be aware of what’s really out there.  Be honest in your blogs.

You never know who is reading it and how it can influence someone’s opinion.

I will continue in the search to help all you hungry health conscious grumblers!




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