News vs. Entertainment— A Healthy Voice


News vs. Entertainment: How Increasing
Media Choice Widens Gaps in Political Knowledge and Turnout by Markus Prior
reveals the issue of ignoring politics.

With the advances of technology, the
ease and convenience of accessing political information continues to grow.  So why doesn’t everyone take advantage of it?

For those who are interested in
reading the news, they use such advances to continue to increase their knowledge
of politics.  But, for those of us who
aren’t as invested use these advances to increase our ignorance and find an
outlet that fits more to our interest.

“As media choice increases, content
preferences thus become the key to understanding political learning and participation.
In a high-choice environment, politics constantly competes with entertainment”


“People’s media content preferences become the key to understanding the
political implications of new media.”


Politics can now, more than ever, be easily avoided.


So why is this important?


Voting, the way our government is run, the direction of our country, etc.

All of these are affected by the people.
Those who are aware and follow politics hold more power over what
happens.  Those who continue to ignore
what is occurring around them will have no voice in politics.


When we are given a voice, why don’t we all choose to use it?

Are we so used to having more freedom that we don’t acknowledge its
significance anymore?

How will this affect us?


We are so accustomed to having a voice, we rarely use it anymore.

From not speaking up in class, to not speaking up to our peers, we don’t
understand the importance of our role when it comes to voting and understanding
politics in order to correctly do so.


Non-voters viewpoints are not being recognized.  The only voice being heard is from
voters.  This will create a society whose
standards don’t match the majority’s viewpoints.


If you’re reading this, you’re most likely using a blog.

Do we use blogs to communicate with ease instead of using it to express
our ideas in a way to create change?

Do we not choose to use advances in technology and media to the best of
our advantage?

What if we did?


If we could use our voice to better our society, why shouldn’t we?


If we blogged about the issue of health and made health issues more
aware, we could create more solutions.
If more college students voiced their opinions and struggles with
health, the issue could be heard.


We could create a healthier society.


Just some food for thought.

Check out the rest of the article to see the complete study and
results.  Don’t continue the cycle of
ignoring politics.






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