Science Sells?


Not Quite.

This week in class we learned about science and health communication.

The Science Writer’s Lament: The Missing Section in Your Daily Paper, by Chris Mooney, is an effective article that discusses science and health in the media, or lack thereof.

Science has noticeably continued to disappear throughout the years. It is rarely relevant in the news or media.

In the article Mooney states: “Russell that between 1989 and 2005, the number of U.S. newspapers featuring a weekly science section declined precipitously, from 95 to 34.”

What’s even more shocking is “no one called to complain”

Mooney raises a good point, if people don’t care or give science the attention it deserves, why should the media think twice about not covering it?

He does give ways that could help science in the media.  By writing to editors and letting them know readers value science in the media, it might help science where it has disappeared remain.  This isn’t directed towards professionals in the science field.  The media wants to gain the interests of the everyday reader.

“Colleagues at the Science Debate 2008 coalition has impressed upon the presidential campaigns: that the health, wealth, and safety of the nation depend upon science and technology, and consequently the American people deserve to know about it. ”

Health and Science are important topics that are frequently ignored.

But why?

We don’t tend to think about what it entirely consists of.

Take my blog, for instance.

If people don’t speak up about their concern for health and healthy living the media won’t cover it.

We need to voice our opinion and let the media know we value health and health topics.  The more the news is made aware of the popularity of being health conscious, the more news that will be published on health.

The media covers topics that interests people.  If we don’t make health an interest it won’t be viewed as important.

Hopefully my blog, as well as others, can help motivate more people to share in the issue of being health conscious and can help to create more awareness and solutions.

We have more power than we give ourselves credit for.  Let’s use it to benefit from it.

Just some notes to nibble on.




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