Taking my first actual cooking class .. I wonder how this will go

10:35- No one is really around my age- mostly older women around my mom’s age

10:40- The other participants are here to learn new things and perfect their cooking skills. There aren’t any that don’t know at least a few cooking skills

10:45- The environment is really friendly. Everyone seems nice, including the teacher who’s funny and cares about us learning what she’s trying to teach us

10:50- The teacher is going at a good pace. She also goes around to better help those struggling. The environment is open and isn’t awkward or shy.

10:55- It is hard to blog and cook at the same time.

11:00- This was a small cooking class in my small hometown. I’m interested in attending a more well-known, larger cooking class in the future.

11:05- This was really fun. I can’t wait to attend more. Everyone there shares the common interest in learning to cook no matter how experienced or inexperienced they currently are. People welcome you because you’re like them, and you learn a new recipe.
All in all, it was a good experience.
If you haven’t already, attend a cooking class. It’s worth it.




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