(Q): How did you become a cooking class instructor?

(A): I’ve always loved to cook and learning new things when it comes to cooking.  After being retired for a while, I found I needed something to do with all this free time on my hands.  My friends constantly asked me to teach them how to cook better, and it wasn’t until I was searching for a new hobby that I thought I could actually do something with it.  I asked the people I knew first if they thought it was a good idea, and with the unanimous approval I went with it.  I just did my homework until it fell into place.

(Q): How long have you been doing this?

(A):  Two years.  And in that time, the class has really begun to become something.

(Q): What’s you’re favorite part of this job?

(A): How it makes the participant feel at the end. I like helping others and sharing what I know with them. They also teach me from their experiences. It never gets boring. I like going to work and not many people can say that.

(Q): What do you tell people who are not sure about attending a class?

(A): Just come! Try it out. If you have an interest in cooking, what could you lose from attending. It’s not scary, it’s meant to be fun. It’s an open environment where everyone can have fun while cooking and not be nervous to make mistakes.

(Q): Do you find this class more for people who have experience cooking but want to learn new skills?

(A): No. This class is for both inexperienced and experienced people interested in cooking. The class is at a pace where the inexperienced participants won’t feel embarrassed or confused, but the experienced won’t be bored. Both types intermix with one another and have fun with the class.




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