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I’m Lovin’ It?


I interviewed an employee at McDonald’s, however, my recording device will not let me upload the interview.


My apologies, here’s the print copy of what went down.


Kelley:  My name is Kelley.  I’m 20 years old, and I’ve worked at McDonald’s for two years.

Ashley:  Okay.  So fast food has kind of been changing recently and has tried to get healthier foods with everyone being more health conscious, so how have you seen McDonalds do that?

Kelley:  I think McDonalds has done a lot to catch up to the public’s interest in being more healthy in cutting fats and carbs and all of that.  Like to start from the youngestI think the Happy Meals, that’s been a big change very recently.  We cut fries out of a Happy Meal.  So it used to be either fries and a burger or chicken nuggets and a small soft drink.  Now it comes with either chicken nuggets or a hamburger and instead of fries it comes with apple dippers and milk.  So that’s, you know, a lot healthier.  And now the fries, if you order a child size fries, it’s only 100 calorie versus 240 calories which a small fry used to be,  so you are teaching them to be satisfied with a smaller serving size.

Ashley:  Have you tried any of these?

Kelley:  Like you were asking before what others, do you want me to list what other items we have?

Ashley:  Yes.

Kelley:   We have added — a big seller we have added is the fruit and maple oatmeal, so start your day with that instead of, you know, people going to get donuts and coffee for breakfast.  Our coffee is very popular, so that draws people in, and then the oatmeal has been a big seller and it’s really healthy. And then we have scrambled eggs and bagles  and fruit parfaits.  And we have a variety of new salads and snack wraps which those are healthier, too, because instead of the bun and sauce and cheese on a burger it’s chicken and a thin wrap.  We have a carmel apple parfait and a bunch of new salads.

Ashley:  So where can you find the nutritional information for all these products?

Kelley:  Sometimes it’s on the wrapper.  It’s also on the website.  Go on our website and you can find all the nutitional information you need.

Ashley:  Have you tried any of these products?  Are they good?

Kelley:  Yeah.  We also have the fruit and walnut salad, which it’s  not lettuce,  it’s just apples, grapes, and walnuts.  And that’s a great afternoon snack and it’s really nutritious.  And then I like the chicken wrap.  I think those really good.  And the fruit and maple oatmeal is really good.

Ashley:  Okay.  So McDonalds changing it up!  I personally tried the apple dippers and they are good, as well as the fruit and walnut salad, which you can’t really mess up.  Their snack wraps are good.  I prefer the ranch one.  And surprisingly their salads are good.  I am usually picky with my salads, but theirs is good for a fast food restaurant.







Munch Into Some Politics!


Health is becoming a major issue politics continues to address.

The importance of health has continued to raise awareness in the past few years and continues to impact the government’s take on the issue.

Obesity is one of the topics commonly addressed.  It’s effect on children is what has been the primary focus to create change.  The government has developed solutions for schools to help children live healthier lives, and start their awareness at a young age.

“Over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled. Today, almost one in every three children in our nation is obese or overweight.”

School lunches, as well as vending machines, have changed their food selections.  Children are now given healthier options instead of the greasy and sugary alternatives.

The Obama Administration has created “Let’s Move.”

The goals of this initiative are:

  • Creating a healthy start for children
  • Empowering parents and caregivers
  • Providing healthy food in schools
  • Improving access to healthy, affordable foods
  • Increasing physical activity
Nearly 500 communities across America have signed up for Let’s Move Cities and Towns. Through this program, local leaders are bringing Let’s Move! to their community and making commitments to significant changes in support of their communities’ health.
Health continues to make its way into politics.
Politics will continue to address issues that the public makes them aware of.
In politics, issues addressed our ones the society values and holds a strong viewpoint on.  In order to keep the importance of health made aware to others, we must voice our interest.
The more people are made aware and care about the issue, the more politics will show their interest in the subject.  Politics can help make a change.
However, there are always different viewpoints.
Some people think politics shouldn’t be allowed to change the way we eat.  That it’s personal and that our diet should be left to us.
Yes, they shouldn’t control what we eat.  We should be given the option to eat what we desire.
Changes in schools is a great way to prevent obesity.  The younger one is made aware of and taught about health, the better the chances of them staying healthy.  Schools don’t need to necessarily take unhealthy options away, so long as they provide healthy options and inform children on the importance of health.  Being active is a positive encouragement that politics has addressed when providing healthier solutions.
Politics should continue to raise awareness on health.  Health concerns should be made to the public, as well as solutions to health issues.
I hope this blog will continue to make the issues we deal with when it comes to eating and our health relevant and made aware to others.  The more people care about health, the healthier alternatives and food options will be shared.