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Risky Business


This week in class I learned about risk communication.

What is risk?

It varies among everyone.

Generally, risk is

  • the possibility of suffering loss or harm
  • involves uncertain danger

Risk communication plays a major role in health.

There are numerous health risks and issues, which is why health is such an important topic that needs to be made aware.

From anorexia to obesity, and all the health risks in-between, health needs to be discussed and valued as important.

No-l-ita is a campaign in Italy that successfully demonstrates the serious issue of anorexia.

 Ad campaigns are also focused on the issue of obesity and it’s health risks.

With foods continuously changing in whether they’re healthy or not, it’s hard to know what to eat.

The media should cover health more and continue to share the facts on food.  If we continued to share information and learn what’s really healthy and what’s not, we could have a stronger stance against health risks.  Health risks wouldn’t be such a gamble and wouldn’t be as big of a risk if health was made more aware to people.

We tend to ignore health news if it’s not stable and constant with its argument.  We find it difficult to stay healthy if we aren’t confident in our knowledge of what’s healthy.

We need to value health and keep it relevant in the news.  The more we learn about health, the more we can keep a hold on it.

Health risks are serious and directly influence our lives.  Let’s take it seriously.  We can’t ignore such an important and relevant part of our lives.

Continue to share your knowledge on health.  If we do our part, maybe the media will do theirs.






Science Sells?


Not Quite.

This week in class we learned about science and health communication.

The Science Writer’s Lament: The Missing Section in Your Daily Paper, by Chris Mooney, is an effective article that discusses science and health in the media, or lack thereof.

Science has noticeably continued to disappear throughout the years. It is rarely relevant in the news or media.

In the article Mooney states: “Russell that between 1989 and 2005, the number of U.S. newspapers featuring a weekly science section declined precipitously, from 95 to 34.”

What’s even more shocking is “no one called to complain”

Mooney raises a good point, if people don’t care or give science the attention it deserves, why should the media think twice about not covering it?

He does give ways that could help science in the media.  By writing to editors and letting them know readers value science in the media, it might help science where it has disappeared remain.  This isn’t directed towards professionals in the science field.  The media wants to gain the interests of the everyday reader.

“Colleagues at the Science Debate 2008 coalition has impressed upon the presidential campaigns: that the health, wealth, and safety of the nation depend upon science and technology, and consequently the American people deserve to know about it. ”

Health and Science are important topics that are frequently ignored.

But why?

We don’t tend to think about what it entirely consists of.

Take my blog, for instance.

If people don’t speak up about their concern for health and healthy living the media won’t cover it.

We need to voice our opinion and let the media know we value health and health topics.  The more the news is made aware of the popularity of being health conscious, the more news that will be published on health.

The media covers topics that interests people.  If we don’t make health an interest it won’t be viewed as important.

Hopefully my blog, as well as others, can help motivate more people to share in the issue of being health conscious and can help to create more awareness and solutions.

We have more power than we give ourselves credit for.  Let’s use it to benefit from it.

Just some notes to nibble on.



Munch Into Some Politics!


Health is becoming a major issue politics continues to address.

The importance of health has continued to raise awareness in the past few years and continues to impact the government’s take on the issue.

Obesity is one of the topics commonly addressed.  It’s effect on children is what has been the primary focus to create change.  The government has developed solutions for schools to help children live healthier lives, and start their awareness at a young age.

“Over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled. Today, almost one in every three children in our nation is obese or overweight.”

School lunches, as well as vending machines, have changed their food selections.  Children are now given healthier options instead of the greasy and sugary alternatives.

The Obama Administration has created “Let’s Move.”

The goals of this initiative are:

  • Creating a healthy start for children
  • Empowering parents and caregivers
  • Providing healthy food in schools
  • Improving access to healthy, affordable foods
  • Increasing physical activity
Nearly 500 communities across America have signed up for Let’s Move Cities and Towns. Through this program, local leaders are bringing Let’s Move! to their community and making commitments to significant changes in support of their communities’ health.
Health continues to make its way into politics.
Politics will continue to address issues that the public makes them aware of.
In politics, issues addressed our ones the society values and holds a strong viewpoint on.  In order to keep the importance of health made aware to others, we must voice our interest.
The more people are made aware and care about the issue, the more politics will show their interest in the subject.  Politics can help make a change.
However, there are always different viewpoints.
Some people think politics shouldn’t be allowed to change the way we eat.  That it’s personal and that our diet should be left to us.
Yes, they shouldn’t control what we eat.  We should be given the option to eat what we desire.
Changes in schools is a great way to prevent obesity.  The younger one is made aware of and taught about health, the better the chances of them staying healthy.  Schools don’t need to necessarily take unhealthy options away, so long as they provide healthy options and inform children on the importance of health.  Being active is a positive encouragement that politics has addressed when providing healthier solutions.
Politics should continue to raise awareness on health.  Health concerns should be made to the public, as well as solutions to health issues.
I hope this blog will continue to make the issues we deal with when it comes to eating and our health relevant and made aware to others.  The more people care about health, the healthier alternatives and food options will be shared.

News vs. Entertainment— A Healthy Voice


News vs. Entertainment: How Increasing
Media Choice Widens Gaps in Political Knowledge and Turnout by Markus Prior
reveals the issue of ignoring politics.

With the advances of technology, the
ease and convenience of accessing political information continues to grow.  So why doesn’t everyone take advantage of it?

For those who are interested in
reading the news, they use such advances to continue to increase their knowledge
of politics.  But, for those of us who
aren’t as invested use these advances to increase our ignorance and find an
outlet that fits more to our interest.

“As media choice increases, content
preferences thus become the key to understanding political learning and participation.
In a high-choice environment, politics constantly competes with entertainment”


“People’s media content preferences become the key to understanding the
political implications of new media.”


Politics can now, more than ever, be easily avoided.


So why is this important?


Voting, the way our government is run, the direction of our country, etc.

All of these are affected by the people.
Those who are aware and follow politics hold more power over what
happens.  Those who continue to ignore
what is occurring around them will have no voice in politics.


When we are given a voice, why don’t we all choose to use it?

Are we so used to having more freedom that we don’t acknowledge its
significance anymore?

How will this affect us?


We are so accustomed to having a voice, we rarely use it anymore.

From not speaking up in class, to not speaking up to our peers, we don’t
understand the importance of our role when it comes to voting and understanding
politics in order to correctly do so.


Non-voters viewpoints are not being recognized.  The only voice being heard is from
voters.  This will create a society whose
standards don’t match the majority’s viewpoints.


If you’re reading this, you’re most likely using a blog.

Do we use blogs to communicate with ease instead of using it to express
our ideas in a way to create change?

Do we not choose to use advances in technology and media to the best of
our advantage?

What if we did?


If we could use our voice to better our society, why shouldn’t we?


If we blogged about the issue of health and made health issues more
aware, we could create more solutions.
If more college students voiced their opinions and struggles with
health, the issue could be heard.


We could create a healthier society.


Just some food for thought.

Check out the rest of the article to see the complete study and
results.  Don’t continue the cycle of
ignoring politics.





Trimming Tip #1


Here’s a simple thing to keep in mind..


If the weather is decent, walk to class.  Don’t take the bus because you’re too tired.

Don’t take the elevator/escalator.  Take the stairs.

All these movements will work your body.

It’s not a full-blown exercise, but these simple steps add up.

Find little ways to move throughout your day.  The more you sit around the less you work off the food you eat.

The less it seems like exercise, the more likely you’ll do it.

Keep this in mind the next time someone asks you to walk somewhere with them.