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Risky Business


This week in class I learned about risk communication.

What is risk?

It varies among everyone.

Generally, risk is

  • the possibility of suffering loss or harm
  • involves uncertain danger

Risk communication plays a major role in health.

There are numerous health risks and issues, which is why health is such an important topic that needs to be made aware.

From anorexia to obesity, and all the health risks in-between, health needs to be discussed and valued as important.

No-l-ita is a campaign in Italy that successfully demonstrates the serious issue of anorexia.

 Ad campaigns are also focused on the issue of obesity and it’s health risks.

With foods continuously changing in whether they’re healthy or not, it’s hard to know what to eat.

The media should cover health more and continue to share the facts on food.  If we continued to share information and learn what’s really healthy and what’s not, we could have a stronger stance against health risks.  Health risks wouldn’t be such a gamble and wouldn’t be as big of a risk if health was made more aware to people.

We tend to ignore health news if it’s not stable and constant with its argument.  We find it difficult to stay healthy if we aren’t confident in our knowledge of what’s healthy.

We need to value health and keep it relevant in the news.  The more we learn about health, the more we can keep a hold on it.

Health risks are serious and directly influence our lives.  Let’s take it seriously.  We can’t ignore such an important and relevant part of our lives.

Continue to share your knowledge on health.  If we do our part, maybe the media will do theirs.